Watch Tributes (2008) — to Bernstein; Broadway (Ragtime & Hairspray); and Calypso (Rudder, Andall & Tanker)
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The Marionettes, Youth Chorale, and NDDCI performing David Rudder’s “The Ganges & the Nile” in their Cacique Award-winning production TRIBUTES in 2008

In July 2008, the Marionettes adult choir and Youth Chorale kicked off their 45th anniversary season with Tributes — a Cacique Award-winning production in three parts, saluting Bernstein, Broadway, and icons of Trinidad & Tobago music — David Rudder, André Tanker, and Ella Andall. Tributes featured a number of talented soloists from both choirs, including Paul Chow, Marlon De Bique, Trent Haynes, Jacqueline Johnson, Tahirah Osborne, Maegan Pollonais, Feryal Qudourah, and many others in ensemble work.

The programme

Tributes to…

• 00:00 — BERNSTEIN (Classical and Broadway): Excerpts from Chichester Psalms, Candide, and West Side Story, featuring the adult choir and senior Youth Chorale
• 32:00 — BROADWAY (Ragtime and Hairspray): Excerpts from Ragtime, featuring the adult choir and senior Youth Chorale; and Hairspray, featuring the Youth Chorale (starting at starting at 53:15)
• 1:11:40 — CALYPSO LEGENDS: Musical tributes to David Rudder, Andre Tanker, and Ella Andall, featuring the adult and youth choirs.

Filmed by Trinity TV at Queen’s Hall, Trinidad & Tobago, Caribbean. (NB: this is a higher quality version of the performance, which had previously been uploaded here at lower resolution:

Production credits

Artistic & Musical Director: Gretta Taylor
Production Manager: Joanne Mendes
Assistant Musical Director: Susan Dore
Technical Coordinator: Caroline Taylor
Production Co-Directors: Marlon De Bique, Noble Douglas, Kwasi Noel, Caroline Taylor, and Guyanne Wilson
Choreography: Noble Douglas and Dave Williams
Lighting: Celia Wells
Set: Randy Halfhide (Another Idea)
Wardrobe: Margaret Sheppard, Lisa De Caires
Sound: Treldon Thompson
Stage Manager: Todd Hill
Public Relations: Astra Da Costa (AMPLE)


Here are some of the wonderful reviews for the celebrated production.


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