Watch the Marionettes’ Live at Queen’s Hall in 1980
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This programme was directed for stage by Helen Camps, and produced by Bruce Paddington and filmed by Banyan Television in 1980. It spans classical, spirituals, opera (with staged excerpts from Die Fledermaus), pop, and calypso (including specially included historical imagery to accompany “Fantasia on The Slave”). This was also the last year that the Marionettes entered the Trinidad & Tobago Music Festival, ultimately retiring unbeaten. The Beethoven “Hallelujah” performed to open the show was one of their Championship-winning pieces.

THE PROGRAMME (with timecodes)

• 00:00 — Religious & spirituals

Hallelujah (Beethoven)
Let us break bread (solos: Ann Gordon & Angela Townsend Moore, arr: Thomas)
She’s like the swallow (Vaughan Williams, solo: Patricia Pascall)
She’ll be coming round the mountain (arr: DeCormier)

• 13:11 — Staged excerpts from Die Fledermaus by J. Strauss

The hour is late (ft Marcia Bart Fraser, Patrick Flores & Charles St. Aude)
What a feast
My dear marquis (ft Angela Townsend Moore)
Brother mine (ft Marcia Bart Fraser, Max Sealy, Angela Townsend Moore, Roland Belfonte, Joanne Mendes, Charles St. Aude, Zita Farinha)

• 25:54 — Down memory lane: the Beatles, the Bee Gees, Beethoven, and Sondheim

Fifth of Beethoven (Murphy/Dove)
Send in the clowns (solo: Patrick Flores, arr. Taylor)
How deep is your love (arr: Rutherford)

• 38:43 — Trinidad & Tobago Kaiso… with a difference (Sparrow, Tanker, and Holman)

Smokey Joe (solo: Gregory Wallace, arr: Taylor)
Fantasia on a slave by Sparrow (arr: Waithe)
Pan on the run (arr: Waithe)


Stage Direction: Helen Camps
Costume, Stage Design & Construction: Wayne Berkeley
Accompanists: Alma Pierre, Maurice Connor, Maureen Clement, Angus Nunes, and the Police Band
Band Arrangement: ASP George Scott
Programme Director & Conductor: Gretta Taylor
Musical Directors: Gretta Taylor & Susan Dore
Video Production: Banyan Productions
Directed & edited by Wayne Crooks
Produced by Bruce Paddington

Dedicated to the memory of Rosalind Wilson, a decades long member who we lost in May 2020; and to the memories of all those we have lost along the way.

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