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The Marionettes Chorale, together with their “family of choirs” and the Noble Douglas Dance Company, presented Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana in June, 1994 at Queen’s Hall, Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean. It was directed by Barry Franceschi, with sets and costumes by Wayne Berkeley, and musical direction by Gretta Taylor. The production was conceptualised as the composer intended — a multi-media production with music, dance, and mime.

The event marked two significant anniversaries — 30 years since the Marionettes’ first public performance, and 20 years with Taylor at the helm. To celebrate, the Chorale invited other large choruses to form a “family of choirs” for the event. Contingents from Belvedere, Stentor, and the Lorna Meyers Chorale were able to join the Marionettes for the special occasion, together with some individual singers from other choirs, and Patrick Flores — a longtime member who had immigrated to the US. He sings “Nessun Dorma” as a special coda to the evening.


• 00:00 — Introduction, and Prologue: Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi (Luck, Empress of the World)
• 10:58 — Section I: Primo Vere (In Springtime); Uf Dem Anger (On the Green)
• 36:32 — Section II: In Taberna (In the Tavern)
• 48:09 — Section III: Cour D’Amour (Court of Love); Blanziflor et Helena; Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi
• 1:11:48 — Thanks and Nessun Dorma

NB: There is video distortion between 3:08 and 5:06, which resolves, and audio levels are low on some systems.


Soloists: Angela Moore, Deborah Nahous, Holitzia Seecharan (sopranos); Patrick Flores (tenor); Maurice Brash (baritone)
Dancers: Noble Douglas Dance Company Inc (Allan Balfour, Debra Bernard, Gregor Breedy, Simone Camps, George Dottin Jr, Melanie Gilbert, Anthony Guerra, Charlene Harris, Louanna Martin, Sherid Mason, Charlene Rollock, Dave Williams)
Orchestra: the Police Band (leader: Keith Coombs), with Susan Dore and Enrique Ali (pianos), and Chantal Esdelle (tenor pan)

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Musical Director: Gretta Taylor
Production Designer & Stage Director: Barry Franceschi
Set & Costume Design: Wayne Berkeley
Choreographer: Noble Douglas
Sound: Franklin Aggarat
Stage Manager: Todd Hill
Lighting: Bruce McIndoe & Knolly Whiskey
Public Relations: Astra Da Costa
Co-ordinator: Joanne Mendes

Dedicated to the memory of Rosalind Wilson, a decades long member who we lost in May 2020; and to the memories of all those we have lost along the way.

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