Tickets now on sale for LANDMARKS, launching our 50th anniversary season!
by on June 23, 2013 in Featured Story News

BP Marionettes landmarks newspaper adIt was about this time 50 years ago when the first members of the BP Marionettes Chorale – the first choir to be formed in a newly independent Trinidad & Tobago – had just come together to begin a trailblazing journey to becoming one of the nation’s most treasured cultural organisations.

Next month, we launch our yearlong 50th anniversary celebrations with LANDMARKS, which runs Friday 12th through Sunday 14th July at the Queen’s Hall.


Get your LANDMARKS tickets!

Tickets for LANDMARKS go on sale at the Queen’s Hall (624-1284) from 24th June 2013, 12–6pm Monday through Friday.

Seats are $150 (open) and $200 (reserved).

Tickets may also be booked through members of the chorale, and directly from the Marionettes at or 790-1751.


And get your LANDMARKS CDs too!

You can put in your orders today for “LANDMARKS: the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Album”! Get TWO CDs with 34 of your favourite Marionettes performances – one CD of Christmas favourites, and one with music for all year round – for just $150!

You can order from members; at the Queen’s Hall Box Office from Monday 24th June through concert time (12pm-6pm Monday-Friday…pick one up when you buy your LANDMARKS concert tickets!); and from the Marionettes. Also coming soon to iTunes and your favourite LEGAL digital download sites.

All proceeds go to the Marionettes Property Fund.

marionettes landmarks cd flyer


PS. A sneak peek at what’s coming…

We also have a very special full-length musical treat for you as part of our anniversary season. For the first time since the full edition (vs student version) was made available for licensing at the end of last year, the Marionettes brings Les Misérables to a theatre near you. Stay tuned. 😉


See you soon! 🙂


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