The cast talks about the CARMEN experience
by on July 1, 2011 in News

The Carmen (it’s sung in English, by the way!) process has been a brand new one for the Marionettes, and also for many of our guest performers and our members. We asked a few members of the cast to share their experiences so far:

Kashif Dennis (Dancaïro / Chorus)

Chance is such a magical thing. For me Carmen has meant a chance to be part of history in the making, a chance to learn from so many amazingly talented individuals and most importantly, a chance to be a part of a family. Now it’s my chance to prove I was worth the chance.


Danielle Martinez (Youth Chorale Chorus):

It’s exciting to finally be doing a full production and Carmen is a great fit for the Marionettes. The opera has both classic and modern elements which are great fun for us to portray and which widens our repertoire. The journey has been a great, new and exciting experience. I am enjoying it to the fullest.


Photo: Mark Lyndersary

Arnold Phillip (Escamillo / Moralès):

I am really proud to be a part of this production, working with different singers and instrumentalists both local and international. The opera is taking form so you can see where all the efforts went. We have a wonderful conductor, a great production team, and a very talented orchestra so I know it’s going to be great. I can’t wait till opening night.


Olivia Bennett (Love Movement Lights of Love):

It’s exciting! It’s one further step to get to Broadway and Opera. I love rehearsals…so much fun!


Photo: Mark Lyndersay

Richard Pierre (Zuñiga):

Being involved in Carmen has been both challenging and exciting. It is indeed a process, and one grows as one goes along. You always hope to attain the dream of perfection as you continue the journey.



Wendy Jeremie (Adult Chorus)

I feel very excited to be a part of this production. I enjoy hearing the putting together of all the instruments in the orchestra. I feel particularly happy for Gretta Taylor. It is the first time she is conducting the chorale in a full-length production with an orchestra of this scope – a dream come true for her. I am proud to be a Trinidadian; proud to be a member of the Marionettes Chorale for the past 39 years; and finally to be a member of the cast of Carmen!

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