Sing Alleluia: a message from Gretta Taylor
by on December 8, 2016 in News

Five months ago, for our mid-year series Hearts Beat Together, we were singing in churches in Port of Spain, La Romain, and Chaguanas, helping to raise much-needed funds for restoration, construction, and outreach work. During difficult times like these, we’ve always believed that we need to help each other more than ever. For Sing Alleluia, part proceeds will go to the far-reaching work of the Living Water Community, and part to the Marionettes Property Fund, which will eventually provide us — at long last — with our own home.

Gretta Taylor conducts the choir at one of their popular Christmas concerts

Gretta Taylor conducts the choir at one of their popular Christmas concerts

Sing Alleluia features the three Marionettes choirs, directed by our Assistant Musical Director Dr Roger Henry and myself. We praise God through excerpts from oratorio, spirituals, and gospel music, from the four corners of the earth — North and South America, Europe, Britain, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. It is a fun-filled, upbeat, rhythmic programme, which we hope will lift your spirits in these fraught times.

We pray too for support and guidance to make the world a better place (Heal our land). We affirm that, through all things, God is in control (He’s got the whole world in his hands). We recognise the value of harmony and solidarity (Stand together), and remember the positives of the Trinidad & Tobago we love (Our blessed land). There is seasonal music, both local and foreign. And, as always, our own music (including Relator’s Christmas on Sesame Street and Baron’s It’s Christmas and Come Go) is arranged by the inimitable Desmond Waithe.

We highlight some of our gifted youngsters like Sharissa Camejo, the reigning Junior Calypso Monarch, and several 2016 Music Festival championship winners: Dominique Akal (Most Outstanding Junior Vocalist), Amelia Emmanuel (Most Outstanding Vocalist aged 8-10), her older sister Annalise Emmanuel (also a past Music Festival champion), and Aysiah McEachnie-Assing (first in both the vocal solo and duet categories in the 11-12 age group). And of course we present some of our seasoned singers like Jacqueline Johnson and Tamika-Diandra Joseph.

We would like to say a big thank you to our sponsors, including Flow, CNMG, and above all BP Trinidad and Tobago, for their loyalty and generosity over the years: without them we could not be here this evening. Thanks too to all the members, parents and friends who help us on a regular basis; to our stage and technical crew, our orchestra and accompanists, and to our tireless production team, which includes Joanne Mendes, Jacqueline Smith, Caroline Taylor, Leslie Clement (orchestra leader), Brenda Ayow, and Carmen Williams.

And we can never thank you enough, our loyal audience, for continuing to support us in the way that you have done for over fifty years.

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