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The Marionettes Youth Chorale at Queen's Hall in 2017
The Marionettes go back to their roots for Hearts Beat Together 3

Having raised well over half a million dollars for various community initiatives over the last two years, the Marionettes Chorale

2 July, 2018
Hearts Beat Together 3 runs next weekend (July 6–8)

In a celebration of music and community the BP Marionettes will once again present their mid-year concert series: Hearts Beat

22 June, 2018
The curtain call for "I Dream a World" (December 2017, Queen's Hall). Photo: Butch & Allan Limchoy
I Dream a World on TV, radio, and livestream — and our warmest season’s greetings to you!

We hope this finds you and yours blessed and happy as Christmas Day approaches and this challenging year comes to

22 December, 2017
A message from Gretta Taylor for “I Dream a World”

Gretta Taylor’s Foreword in the programme for I Dream a World We can dream, can’t we? Dream about a better

3 December, 2017
I Dream a World opens this Thursday 7th at Queen’s Hall

Music and magic are what the BP Marionettes always aim to bring to audiences with their anticipated annual Christmas concerts.

26 November, 2017
The curtain call at the Marionettes' "A Christmas Jubilee" in December, 2013. Photo: Butch & Allan Limchoy
Tickets now available for I Dream a World

The 130 singers of the BP Marionettes’ adult, youth, and children‘s choirs are back at Queen’s Hall come 7th–10th December

12 November, 2017
Marionettes Soca parang jam session at "Sing Alleluia" (2016)
We’re exactly one month away from I Dream a World

The Marionettes’ adult, youth, and children‘s choirs are back this December 7–10 with I Dream A World — and the

7 November, 2017
Marionettes at Holy Rosary Hearts Beat Together
Hearts Beat Together 2 runs this weekend

The saying goes that charity begins at home — but the Marionettes believe that, especially during challenging times like these,

6 July, 2017
Marionettes at Holy Rosary Hearts Beat Together
Get your tickets for Hearts Beat Together 2!

With so much work to be done in our communities and NGOs already stretched to the limit, the Marionettes have

23 June, 2017
Marionettes performing "Heal the World"
The Marionettes sing to “Heal Our Land” this Saturday 8th April

This Saturday — on the eve of Palm Sunday — the Marionettes’ three choirs (adult, youth, and children) sing for hope,

5 April, 2017
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