Music Festival roundup for Marionettes & friends!
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Susan David Dore and Gretta Taylor receive the Trinidad Guardian Cup for Most Outstanding Piano Duo from Prime Minister Eric Williams. Photo: Trinidad Guardian

The Marionettes may have retired unbeaten from the Biennal Trinidad & Tobago Music Festival in 1980, but it’s never stopped our talented members from entering as individuals and ensembles through their respective music teachers and/or schools. As always, our members and friends have done us proud.

Here’s a run-down of how they placed.


Final Round (North Zone)

Soprano Solo

  • 1st: Ayrice Wilson (one of our senior chorale members who joined us from the ranks of the Youth Choraleand one of the principals for last year’s Carmen)
  • 2nd: Llettesha Sylvester (one of our visiting principals for last year’s Carmen)
  • 3rd: Tamika-Diandra Joseph (one of our members from the Youth Chorale)

Mezzo Soprano Solo

  • 1st: Hermina Charles, one of our senior chorale members

Tenor Solo

  • 3rd: Maurice Munro, another senior chorale member who joined us from the ranks of the Youth Chorale


  • 1st: Hermina Charles & Ayrice Wilson
  • 3rd: Arnold Phillip (one of our visiting principals for last year’s Carmen)

Vocal Recital

  • 2nd: Arnold Phillip
  • 3rd: Tamika-Diandra Joseph

Ladies’ Operatic Solo

  • 1st: Ayrice Wilson
  • 2nd: Llettesha Sylvester
  • 3rd: Tamika-Diandra Joseph

Men’s Operatic Solo

  • 1st: Andre Mangatal (a founding member of our mixed voice Youth Chorale)
  • 2nd: Raguel Gabriel of the senior chorale (and one of our principals for last year’s Carmen)
  • 3rd: Arnold Phillip

Men’s Broadway Solo

  • 1st: Andre Mangatal
  • 2nd: Raguel Gabriel

Oratorio Solo (Ladies)

  • 1st: Diahann White, one of our senior chorale choristers
  • 2nd: Hermina Charles
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Oratorio Solo (Gents)

  • 1st: Andre Mangatal
  • 2nd: Maurice Munro
  • 3rd: Arnold Phillip


  • 1st: Andre Mangatal (with Andre Cooper)
  • 2nd: Llettesha Sylvester (with Francois Harewood)

Mixed Duet

  • 1st: Patrice Quammie (with Stefan Simmons) – one of our senior chorale members and a principal from last year’s Carmen)

Ladies’ Duet

  • 1st: Tamika-Diandra Joseph (with Trudy Philip)

Broadway Musical (Ladies)

  • 1st: Llettesha Sylvester
  • 2nd: Diahann White

Mixed Vocal Quartet

  • 1st: Andre Mangatal, Ayrice Wilson, Llettesha Sylvester, Arnold Phillip (all of the University of Trinidad & Tobago, our collaborators for last year’s Carmen)

Operatic Duet

  • 1st: Llettesha Sylvester & Ayrice Wilson
  • 2nd: Dawn & Danielle Williams (two more senior chorale members who joined us from the ranks of the Youth Chorale)

Nation Building Vocal Solo

  • 1st: Annalise Emmanuel (a new member of the Youth Chorale, via Sacred Heart Girls’ school, trained by Patricia Joseph – with a little help from our own Gretta Taylor!)

Nation Building Vocal Duet

  • 1st: Annalise Emmanuel (with Damara Wilson)

Girls’ Vocal Solo (11–12 years)

  • 2nd: Dominique Akal (another new member of the Youth Chorale, via Sacred Heart Girls’ school)
  • 3rd: N’gere Duke (a member of the Youth Chorale for several years)

National Championship Round

  • Ayrice Wilson: the Joy Ceasar Trophy for Spiritual Solo; Havelock Nelson Cup for Ladies’ Operatic Aria; and the TTMA Trophy for Soprano Solo
  • Diahann White: the Marie Duprey Trophy for Ladies’ Oratorio Solo
  • Diahann White, Patrice Quammie, Dawn & Danielle Williams: the Rochford Cup for Operatic Ensemble
  • Ayrice Wilson & Llettesha Sylvester: the Anne Fridal Cup for Operatic Duet; Subscriber’s Cup for Most Outstanding Vocal Duet (Open); and David Johnstone Trophy Most Outstanding Overall Vocal Ensemble
  • Andre Mangatal: the Nora Grant trophy for Lieder; the TTMA Trophy for Gents’ Operatic Aria; Gatcliffe Cup for Gents’ Oratorio Solo; the Abdool Trophy for Most Outstanding Male Vocalist; and the TTMA Trophy for the Most Outstanding Sightreading Performer (Open)
  • Annalise Emmanuel & Damara Wilson: the Ministry of Arts & Multiculturalism 50th Independence Anniversary Trophy #4
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Congrats to all the participants for their hard work and successes, and to their teachers for their guidance and support. Congrats too to our sponsors of 40 years, bpTT, who continued to show their support of the arts by being a primary sponsor of this year’s Festival.

Despite the challenges and controversies, the appreciation for music and the commitment to excellence remain the most important goals and rewards. The “tinning” is just the icing on the cake! 🙂


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