Moving the music
by on November 7, 2011 in News

Our original plan for A Prayer for Peace II was to hold performances in Port of Spain, east Trinidad, and south Trinidad. As you can imagine, co-ordinating a concert – far less a touring concert – during a State of Emergency (SoE) and under curfew has proved a daunting task. We were never able to secure an adequate venue in the east (Christmas is a busy time for secular and educational venues with full programmes of holiday events; while weekend religious services obviously take precedence at houses of worship), but were excited that it seemed our south venue was a certainty.

Some of you may notice that our original A Prayer for Peace II artwork and information posting included a concert on Sunday 11th December at the St. Benedict’s RC Church in La Romaine. We had been excited as – not for wont of intent or effort – we haven’t given a concert in San Fernando in a few years. We tried for our 2010 national tour (where we gave concerts in Port of Spain, St. Joseph, and Chaguanas), but the arrangements fell through for Mayaro and San Fernando, through no fault of our own.

Imagine our relief and excitement then when our plans for La Romaine this December seemed set in stone, and were until a few days ago. That’s when we received the news no choir wants to hear: our friends the Southernaires, a premier San Fernando choir, were running their holiday series at the Bowl the same weekend. As the song goes: Aye aye aye aye Maria! We tried to find an alternative date or time that wouldn’t be in direct conflict, but that too has proved futile.

We wait with baited breath too to see the results of today’s government talks about the curfew and SoE. Our programming, rehearsals, and concert planning have all revolved around what we can achieve before curfew, and what we can rehearse or perform in time to let our members or audiences get home safely. Our Christmas concert preparation has been an exercise in adaptability, and making lemonade from lemons in very uncertain times. One day at a time.

All this to say – south (and east) Trinidad, we have always had you in mind! We hope that in 2012, with hopefully not one but two concert venues in south Trinidad (the Bowl and SAPA) that we will be with you at the earliest. See you soon! We promise!

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