Les Misérables Reviews & Patron Feedback

Thank-you to those who supported our 50th anniversary July 2014 and May 2015 runs of Les Misérables — especially those who came several times! Sold out shows, eight straight standing ovations over two runs… We couldn’t have asked for more! Our very special thanks go out to all our outstanding cast & crew, inspiring patrons, and to those who supported our two runs of Les Mis: bpTT — our title sponsor since 1972; our media sponsor Flow Trinidad & Tobago, the Ministry of the Arts & Multiculturalism, First Citizens, the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB), and the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG). We are so tremendously grateful for this phenomenal support.

Here’s what the press and patrons had to say about the Marionettes’ production of Les Mis.

Marionettes Les Miserables Curtain Call

Reviews from the Press


The Trinidad Express

[O]ur bittersweet TnT has been calling for this balm to salve our wounds and the Marionettes Chorale under the artistic directorship of Caroline Taylor has very ambitiously provided the balm to assuage our national woes…in this wonderful musical production that is bound to bring comfort in troubled times… Taylor has undoubtedly created a masterpiece of theatre on Trinidad soil that shall live in the memories of those audiences who attended… [T]he hearts of the audience were enthralled by performances that ranked with the international productions of London and New York. The integrity of the music was certainly maintained yet there were subtle orchestral manoeuvres that would certainly locate the musical in the Caribbean region [and whispered] Trinidad softly into the international melange that Les Miserables has become. The musical director is none other than Gretta Taylor… [The] performance was a breath of fresh air flowing through Trinidad… The crowning glory was that the entire cast was met by a standing ovation from difficult critics, many of whom had seen other stage and filmed versions — and who were willing to endorse that this was a performance par excellence.”

— Sonja GopeesinghLuckhoo, Trinidad & Tobago Express, 16th July, 2014

The Trinidad Guardian

“Three Marionettes choirs combined to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Trinidad’s oldest [post-independence] chorale, with what is undoubtedly its most ambitious production. While the Marionettes’ decision to present what has been London’s longest running musical (first performed in 1985) was probably based on artistic challenge and as a suitable follow-up to the equally ambitious 2011 production of Bizet’s Carmen, Hugo’s original intentions for Les Miz and his social consciousness make it even more relevant to contemporary Trinidad… Those who choose to miss this opportunity of revelling in a Caribbean premiere, an excellent stage production delivered with such panache and talent, are indeed miserable… A stunning production.”

— Simon Lee, Trinidad & Tobago Guardian, 17th July, 2014 and 30th December, 2014

The Trinidad Newsday

“[T]his was an excellent production from the singing to the acting to the stage setting (not forgetting the backstage crew who unobtrusively changed the sets when the lights were low… The stage setting was very good, especially in the uprising scenes, and the costumes and the lighting too. It was good to hear a real orchestra providing the music… [Gretta and Caroline Taylor and their] able assistants are to be congratulated for tackling this mammoth production and well deserved standing ovation as they took their bows as the last note died away. Les Misérables was indeed a most memorable event in the music diary of TT 2014.”

— Anne Hilton, Trinidad & Tobago Newsday, 19th July, 2014

The Catholic News

“Intense and exceptional…The Marionettes have scored once again, this time with an extraordinary and scintillating performance of Les MisérablesIt may be the best yet from the prize-winning chorale that has produced so many ‘bests’. Les Misérables offers a whole range of life situations with an intensity that is quite remarkable, and the Marionettes responded beautifully to this in their singing and acting. The stage scenery was a tremendous boost to the production. Thanks to all the hundreds who had anything to do with the presentation of this musical play; it was a formidable stage production that was worth every ounce of effort. [Directed by] Caroline Taylor, Gretta’s daughter…the future is in good hands. Thanks to the Marionettes for the opportunity to learn and appreciate the lessons of life expressed in the music and by the singers. I have no doubt that those on stage imbibed more than we could ever imagine.”

— Sr. Jean Devenish-Huggins, Trinidad & Tobago Catholic News, 26th July, 2014


Enjolras at the Barricades in the Marionettes Chorale's production of "Les Misérables" at Queen's Hall. Photo courtesy Maria Nunes.

Enjolras at the Barricades in the Marionettes Chorale’s production of “Les Misérables” at Queen’s Hall. Photo courtesy Maria Nunes.


Our Patrons’ Feedback


The feedback on social media, on our Facebook page, Twitter page, and Les Misérables official Facebook event page, in addition to private letters by email and post, has been overwhelming. Unedited, here is just some of what people had to say.


“Now that the Marionettes have at their disposal the well-credentialed Caroline Taylor, whose stage direction was right up there, they must do more and more full productions of musical theatre. Caroline’s mother, Gretta Taylor, the Musical Director, has not only brought the Marionettes and herself a very long way, and she is now a competent conductor of a neat little orchestra into which the steel pan has been seamlessly integrated. I could not help thinking during the performance, that while young Frenchmen were dying in battle on the Queen’s Hall set, just across the hill in Laventille, young Trinis were dying in another kind of gunplay. One was art, the other was life as we have come to know it. We live in troubled violent times in our Republic but there is hope for us yet. Performing art can give us a lift and lessen the pain of everyday living. The Marionettes are doing much more than producing shows. By their getting together, in the midst of social despair, and mounting the kind of production that Les Misérables was, they are doing the sacred work of giving a people hope. Thank you Marionettes, and thank you bpTT for putting oil and gas money to such noble purpose, as we listen out to hear our people sing again.”

— Eden Shand (full review here)

“The production was [one] of sheer beauty of voices and backdrops. The production transported me to another place, another time, as I sat in the audience marveling at the talent Trinidad and Tobago has…that can match any production anywhere in the world… I go further in asking that you continue in this artistic vein lifting the bar further and further, making the art world proud.”

Clayton De Freitas, President, Trinidad & Tobago Art Society

“On behalf of those from our Community who had the privilege of being present for Les Misérables, I want to offer you our heartiest congratulations on an outstanding production. It is hard to put into words what the experience was like. Some were left in tears, others speechless, but all in total awe of the excellence of the show… Thank you for allowing our nation to experience such an amazing gift.”

Rhonda Maingot, Foundress/Director, the Living Water Community

“This was world class!”

Bridgid Annisette-George

“One of the best productions I have seen in this island in a long time, if not ever. Absolutely fabulous! All around excellent performances, technical, costume, music. Bravo. Caroline Taylor, it’s a pity Tonys aren’t offered in Trinidad, ’cause you’d have one wrapped up easily. Kudos to you for your direction. Congratulations again, and much success in your next production. Think long term and commission an original work located in these isles.”

— Nigel A. Campbell

“So glad that there is a possibility that you will bring it back soon. Can’t imagine all that work for just 5 nights. You could have probably done a two week run and had a full house every night. People who missed it make sure you’re the first to buy tickets next time around. It was an awesome performance by all the artistes and the Chorale as well — was also moved to tears.”

Celia Scott

“Huge, huge, HUGE congratulations to the cast, crew and orchestra of The Marionettes Chorale’s production of Les Misérables!!! A truly amazing show!!…high, high standard!!…top quality!!…Broadway!!…I kid you not!..Caroline Taylor, you did a remarkable job directing this!…I am so proud of you!…you are, without a doubt, a pro!! Thank you for an incredible night of musical theatre!!!”

Michael Cherrie

“Thank you for absolutely the best night at the theatre I have had in our lovely country. Thank you for delighting my nephew and neice in law, introducing them to their first experience of the theatre with such a memorable production. Congratulations. Congratulations!”

Timmia E. Hearn Feldman

“WOW, very impressive performance, the Marionettes really pulled out all the stops on this production. Standing ovation at the end of the performance and many applauses during the performance itself. I know that one of their most difficult critics to please is going to give a good review on this one. Well done, hope we see more to come.”

— Alexander Hilton

“Thoroughly enjoyed what seemed to be a well rehearsed, tight performance. Great opening night with a standing O at the end. Excellent orchestra, vocals, set, lighting and of course costuming. A well rounded, international quality performance, not to be missed.”

Peter Sheppard

“Undoubtedly the best show I have seen in Trinidad…. Beautiful costumes (by Margaret Sheppard),outstanding set design, lights and choreography. Acting-wise the Thénardiers stole the show. Singing-wise, Eponine was magnificent, and so were Marius, Cosette and Javert. Kudos to the Marionettes, you certainly raised the bar!”

Eric Maitrejean

“Having gone every night to the performance either alone or with friends I have to say how much I loved and was moved by this production — each night with its own magic…..special kudos to Caroline Taylor as director and Madame Thernadier — may you continue to shine your Light and talent..Marlon De Bique and Nigel Floyd — each brought his individual finesse to the role of Valjean….Can Alcantara as Fantine……you rock sister…full of grace and humility….Marvin Smith easily one of my favourites in this production — a true talent…..and Errol James and Raguel Gabriel — powerful voices and in no way to be overloooked……and Margaret Sheppard kudos to you for the costuming….I always pay close attention to that…..the colours used for the female leads particularly the dresses of Madame Thernadier and Cosette were for me outstanding…..hope we get to see this magnificent production repeated…..God knows we need the inspiration…..Blessings till next time…….”

“Standing ovation every night of the performance….powerful voices, superb direction, stunning costumes….the list is endless…. I know many who will come again to Les Mis…..and many who now feel like they lost the chance to experience what everyone has described as amazing. Congrats to you!”

— Gina Ottley

“I felt so privileged to have been at tonight’s performance. i think I have a smattering of experience of productions of this kind and can say without fear of contradiction that this show can travel easily and withstand scrutiny by any audience. Stage sets, lighting and sound were spot on. The talent was in great form, but I hope that I will be forgiven for saying that I was particularly pleased that this was a celebration of the male voice. A celebration which has become too rare in this space. Whether as soloists or en ensemble, this was solid solid good stuff!! Bravo! The other thing which struck me was that this cast and orchestra are not made up of professionals as a similar production would be in NYC or London or Chicago or elsewhere — these are people with day jobs. When we think about that, this production is rendered even more special! Bravo!”

— Courtenay Williams

“Congrats Caroline and the Marionettes – a great night – the orchestra, conductor, cast –superb. Brought tears to my eyes — so many beautiful performances.”

Anna Walcott-Hardy

“Absolutely brilliant performance! Professional….engaging….moving. Thank you! BRAVISSIMO!!!”

Arlene Wilkes

“Superb…really, superb!”

Clint Williams

“The performance was indescribable. My mother, who ALWAYS sleeps, did not even blink once. My father has been WhatsApping the world about your amazing talent — from stage management to scenery, orchestra, drama and the singing! I will return to see it yet again next year. I hope more persons from other Caricom territories will also come and enjoy this cultural fest and be inspired to keep on raising the bar.”

— Vivienne Amata

“I still haven’t stopped singing “On my Own” and can’t begin to tell you how very much I enjoyed every minute of the show. I’m sure you’ve heard comments from people that the show was world class but truthfully it’s been a long time since I’ve felt so proud to a Trini. What a wonderful performance Les Mis was and congratulations on an amazing job. I so look forward to future shows by the Marionettes.”

— Tonya Abraham

“I had the honor and pleasure of seeing Les Mis on Opening night. Words can’t do this justice. Spectacular performance and perfectly cast. I cried, I laughed, I cheered right to the end, but most of all I ABSOLUTELY loved it!!! To say The Marionettes gave a memorable performance does not do this justice. I would recommend this play to all (which I have already begun to do) and I want to applaud each and every one of the performers for they were nothing short of Spectacular! I look forward to your next show and I will be front row ready to give another standing ovation. Brilliant.”

— Lyndelle St Omer Allahar

“Words can’t even describe how amazing tonight was!!! I am so glad I experienced it… Thank You sooo much BP Marionettes Chorale. A superb cast… each one talented in their own right and owning their roles to a true standard!!!”

— Sophia Outridge

“What a wonderful show! Enjoyed it from beginning to end. Congratulations to the entire cast. But would be remiss not to single out Caroline for her personal touch as director. Job well done guys!”

Esmeralda Prudence

“I took my daughter, aged 6 to her first theater production this weekend Les Misérables by the The Marionettes Chorale at Queens Hall. It was wonderfully breathtaking, the best part of the night was when the curtain rose and her face lit up and her mouth dropped opened – real people singing and dancing not a movie. She’s been singing all weekend long. Thank you to the hard working cast who put on a great show. I salute you.”

Marsha Gomes-Mckie

“Great concert, entertaining, excellent performance..all lead vocalist were clear and had good tone. Make TT proud of existing talents.”

Sherry Dumas-Harewood

“I just wanted to extend my heartfelt congratulations to the entire team of The Marionettes Chorale … last night was the first time in my life I have ever taken in a production of such sorts … and forgive my amateur comment … but I do believe a production of such magnitude can definitely contend with likes of Broadway … It was truly and honour to be able to view the recital. I look forward to any future productions you all endeavour upon … Kudos to the entire team !!! It really was an honour !!! Next time I will purchase better seating !!! LOL The facial expressions of the characters being portrayed … I could almost feel them as though they were genuine … even the passion in the singing !!! It was exceptional!!!”

Yuva Roopchansingh

“Congratulations! It was worth every penny and more. I will pay to see it again. Talent in abundance. Marvin Smith (Jarvet) your voice, wow. Danielle Williams (Cosette), ‘I dreamed a dream” one of my favourite songs, great great job. Young Elise Blanc – you are capable of great things. The costumes – original, looked great. The overall performance and the band – beautiful. Props, stage backdrop, super. Marionettes should seek sponsorship and take this around the Caribbean and where ever else to show what we are capable of in this beautiful island of ours. It felt like ‘Broadway’ in the Caribbean.”

Patricia Jordan

‪”This was such an overwhelming experience for me. It was my first time at one of your shows and I am ashamed to say I underestimated the talent of your cast. Valjean and Javert were superb!!! In fact, everyone was wonderful!! I cannot wait for your next performance. I cried from beginning to end…..partly due to the emotionally heart wrenching story and partly from the beauty of the performance. Can you tell I was impressed?? Bravo!!”

— Vanessa Bisram

“An emotional masterpiece. Unending tallent. Internationally certified. It was BESS.”

Hanif E. A. Benjamin

“Aaaaaaaamazing performances!!!!”

Jean Carrington

“Excellent performance. Perfect in every way.”

Jennifer D’Andrade Ramsingh

“My husband and I have seen Les Mis 4 times and on TV…the Port of Spain show was awesome! My favourites were Marius and Little Cosette…standing ovation…what is next for production company? Kudos to orchestra…”

Chrystyna Melnyk

“It was so good the last time that I am going again…”

“I think it was even better this time, if that is possible. Looking forward to your next production. Congrats on an excellent job!”

Sarita Sabga Luna

“It was BLOWMIND!!! #i4TandT”

Ryan D’Arcy

“So i did it TWICE…. last july and now May 2015….. GUYS… ME THINKS IT SHUD BE DONE FOR A THIRD CYCLE (yes!!!!… I will attend again)….. it is indeed a a quality production.. but also…. more people in T&T need to hear/ feel the moral of the story of Les Mis…..”

Tony Mohammed

“Their last production of Les Mis was spellbinding. A friend who was indifferent about seeing it, cried throughout the performance. I am encouraging everyone to attend. I forgot to mention the person is European and had seen countless performances of Les Mis all over the world. He was in awe at the the majesty of a small choir from the Caribbean. As the Americans would say, Marionettes rock!”

Marcia Tinto

“I am so glad that you decided to do a second run because I missed the first. The production was spectacular! A wonderful example of what is possible with talent, dedication and lots of hard work!”

Susan Hamel-Smith

“What a FANTASTIC performance of Les Misérables by The BP Marionettes Chorale. Oh my goodness, this was a spectacular production. Excellent work Gretta Taylor, Joanne Mendes, Caroline Taylor, Michelle Tardieu-Attale and Stefan Williams. So proud of all of you, keep up the fantastic work….Don’t miss this TNT.”

Rachel Furlonge-Walker

“It was fantastic! Amazing!!!!!! Everyone did so very well!!!! Congrats to all the soloists … FINE JOBS from them all!!!… The choir was amazing!!! The ensemble pieces were my favorite!!!!…such beautiful voices!!:) I’m so proud!!! I can’t wait to see all that you guys will continue to do!:) #‎soproud ‪#‎mychoir ‪#‎itstarteditall”

Maegan Pollonais

“Time to take this on tour. Worth being seen by the world!!”

Terri Lea Roxborough

“Amazing production. I missed it the first time and so glad for this second performance. International standard for sure.”

Barbara Pinheiro

“Attended on Saturday. It was awesome, so emotional, so inspiring, such a beautiful evening, felt like I visited Broadway. So very proud of the abundance of local talent. My friends and I thank you for a beautiful evening we were throughly entertained. Looking forward to your next production.”

Yvette Batson

“I am so glad that you decided to do a second run because I missed the first. The production was spectacular! A wonderful example of what is possible with talent, dedication and lots of hard work!”

Susan Hamel-Smith

“You made me happy.”

Leslieann Seegobin

“I enjoyed it even more than last year…”

Dianne ML Castagne Agostini

“Thoroughly enjoyed Les Mis. Congrats to The Marionettes including my family Jane Carter and Gerald it was really goosebump material….and as the young kids are saying these days this weekend was “on fleek”!”

Mills Carter

“This was my first Marionettes Chorale performance, and I didn’t know what to expect. It was truly phenomenal, and I plan on attending every offering from now on! Thank you for a wonderful evening, and so glad I made it to the final performance. Completely blown away!!”

Pat Deano Downs

“I can’t weave together the appropriate words to tell you how good the production was. I will simply add to a quote of a woman who told her husband after the show, ‘This was the best production I have ever seen in Trinidad & Tobago. To this I will simply add ‘this was one of the best productions of ANY show I have seen ANYWHERE!”

— Lawrence Chestnut

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for Friday. Please keep me in mind for anything going on with the Marionettes. I am a new fan, I was nearly at tears at the end. P.S. Caroline is soooo funny.”

— Elizabeth Inniss

“My wife and I have just returned home from your performance this evening. We are big fans of the West End, and in particular the London production of Les Mis. This was our first time seeing the Marionettes (we only recently moved to Trinidad) so we were not quite sure what to expect tonight. What can I say – it was absolutely fantastic. You got a standing ovation, and if you were performing in the West End, I have not doubt that you would have received the same. A big well done, and a big thank you for what I’m sure must have been a huge effort from all your team to bring this to life. We look forward to your next production.”

— Dr. Andrew Borg

“Thank you to the cast and crew for sharing your multitude of talent with the audience tonight, we were held in your grip and carried on your journey. Outstanding opening night!! I am a fan and will be back and back and back again. Thank you.”

— Aaron Schneider

“Apart from being a great production overall, all the characters were well executed — Fantine and Javert though really stood out… Stella performance throughout! Can Alcantara, great job! Congratulations Marionettes — Caroline Taylor, Nigel Floyd, Marvin Smith, Raguel Gabriel, Aurora Tardieu, Danielle Williams — beautiful voices and harmonies! Loved it! Superb set too!”

— Rachael N. Collymore

“Great job !!!!….saw the performance last night Thursday and I had to slap and pinch myself to remind myself I was in TRINIDAD with Local TALENT…..!!!…By far the best musical production I have seen in T&T so far….GREAT VOICES AND MUSICIANS…!!!!!….really great international level of singing and music….!”

David Byer

“I’ve been thinking of the appropriate words but none truly suffice the beauty and wonder through the presentation of Les Mis! Came on Thursday night and tears started to roll at the pure magic on stage! I saw it in New York in the late 1980s. But this production with arrangements for different orchestration was genius! To you and every member who brought this to fruition, I humbly and proudly bow with my deepest appreciation. The premiere in the Caribbean is an international sensation! Hearty congratulations!”

Patrice Cox-Neaves

“We want to say Congratulations on an amazing performance! I was very pleased to find out that my favourite theatre production, Les Misérables, was going to be performed during my recent vacation to Trinidad. My husband and I bought tickets as our birthday presents. Needless to say, we both enjoyed this production of Les Misérables very much! My husband has seen Les Mis on the West End about ten times in his life but was not sure of what to expect from Trinidad’s world-famous Marionettes. I told him he would be amazed and indeed he was! We both thought your production was fantastic! The sound, lighting, stage sets, costumes and timings were so professional, captivating and fabulous. The Performances were stupendous. We thought many of the vocalists were as good as the West End. It was very beautiful to hear he sweet not of our steel pan in there. I was so proud of the Marionettes, and of my Trinidad and Tobago, for producing such talent. Thank you for a beautiful evening!”

“Last July, I had the pleasure of taking my husband to see the production as our joint-birthday present. Having seen Les Mis many many times in London (it is his familiy’s favourite!), he was sceptical about what he was going to see, especially since he has seen some Trini- plays before. Well, we (he) were blown away by the magnificent performance, amazing singing, professional music, stunning backdrops and the smooth seamless way the story unfolded before us!
 For me, it was joy to listen to my favourite theatre production being done superbly by my local chorale group and hear the beautiful steelpan notes weaving magic throughout the evening. 
It was soooo A-may-zing for us that we have told everyone to go see it.
 And, more so, afterwards, when we took our son to the London production last Christmas, my husband and I were left a little disappointed with their portrayal because it could not compare to ‘our’ Marionettes!
 We wish we were going to be in Trinidad because we would be first in line to buy tickets, again!

Jacqui Follen

“Went to the Opening of the Les Misérables production by the Marionettes Chorale today! Beautiful, stirring and world class performances! Do NOT miss this show!! It was wonderful!! Wet tissues all the way!!…I was so proud and moved to hear a musical production like this here at home! With the pan in it too!! Beautifully done! It’s gonna be sell out when word gets out!!”

Lesley Garcia

“Kerwin Gordon and I were spell bound by The Marionettes Chorale‘s production of Les Misérables #‎straighttobroadway”

Devonne Miggins

“Marionettes….you win. The Orchestra…The acting….The singing….The Brilliant set design/props…WOW…cannot get over it. Amazing. Beautiful. My only complaint is that the tickets are too cheap. Avg Fete: $600…. Brilliant Play: $200.”

Brigette R Joseph

“Saw it last night. Enchanting, captivating, amazing. Much respect to the cast and director, well done on including the pan.”

Randal Durham

“Congratulations to you and your production team on what has been arguably the best theatrical production I have seen in Trinidad and Tobago. It was fantastic from the artistic ability of each member of the cast. From those who were the main characters to those who were in the supporting roles. Every facial, body and musical line sung was so well executed individually and added to the ensemble performance without any compromising of the main cast. Every cast member sung on key..and sustained their characterization throughout the performance with energy making each scene within each act a performance in itself. The set was imposing, artistically in uncanny precision of the period and communicated not only the spatial relationship between the underbelly of France but also brought to live on the stage of the various survival stories of France in 1815. The timing of the production of Les Misérables was spot given local and international human survival stories from London to Laventille and Port-of-Spain to Paris. You have done very well. Having seen the production in a metropolitan city, I still find the Trinidad and Tobago production of Les Misérables the best I have seen and would be ready to see it again. Caroline Taylor was fantastic and her determination to guide Gretta Taylor’s artistic gifts and genius to produce the quality I experienced is nothing less than a divine devotion of them both.”

— Carol-Anne Agard

“Truly an excellent performance of international standards …………………… this is my 3rd viewing of this production (seen it in London and NY ) and this certainly is of the highest standards.”

— Ian Andrew Newallo-Lee

“Excellent job. I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I am proud of our local talent… and I will be present for the repeat of LES MIS!!!

Siobhan Lawrence

“This musical was magnificent! Jean Valjean’s (Nigel Floyd) performance was soooo inspiring and moving, I was moved to tears! Wonderful cast, the singing was great! Acting: Fantastic performance by all! Costumes and art design: Incredible! This musical was truly breathtaking! I was most inspired by the moving, heartfelt performance of Jean Valjean (Nigel Floyd) as he sang “Who Am I” and “Bring Him Home”. WOW! this is a MUST SEE!”

Geralyn Wright

“An excellent production…the cast and their amazing voices, the orchestra, the mind-blowing set and seamless set changes, the costumes, “the everything”! All done with so much passion! Congratulations Gretta Taylor, the Marionettes Chorale and everyone who contributed to this wonderful show. Your hard work and dedication certainly paid off. Encore! (S’il vous plait)”

Brenda Butler

“It was absolutely mind blowing and a magnificent production. I have seen Les Mis 3 times in the West End and it is my all time favourite production. What you and the Chorale have done at Queens Hall does complete justice to the production and much more for me as it is totally local – what a tribute to our local talents in all areas of the production. And the intimacy of queens hall and the performers made me feel a part of my favourite production – what a wonderful feeling – I don’t think I blinked for 3 hours! Congrats again and well done on a great job.”

Carolyn De La Rosa

“I was lucky to be there on opening night. What and inspiration it is to our country to have people of such dedication and talent to call our own. Great job. Think I will come see it again before it ends.”

Christine SaGomes

“I was blown away by the show. We have so much talent in this country. Kudos to Caroline and Gretta Taylor and the rest of the production crew. Also the costumes and sets! This show could easily have been on the West End or Broadway, that’s how good it was. So very impressed. If you missed it, you definitely missed out.”

Bridget van Dongen

“An amazing show by the cast and musicians involved thank you for sharing your gift with us the populous, Aurora was beautiful in voice and performance and David Stephens I am a fan you sir were. Amazing.”

— Ashton Christopher Menzies

“Congratulations on a fantastic opening night. I enjoyed every moment of the show. Truly a world class production! Danielle Williams very good job with Cosette, Aurora Tardieu your Eponine broke my heart!!!! The orchestra had me immersed in the music and reeling with various emotions throughout the show! Very well done Marionettes!!!!!!!”

Melanie Harris

“A flawless fantine, an excellent eponine, a jarring javert, a judicious jean valjean and a marvelous marius. Good job marionettes!!!”

— Legena Henry

“Yesterday morning I left Miami for Trinidad to see The Marionettes’ staging of Les Misérables. Yesterday evening I arrived at Queen’s Hall and drifted in and out of consciousness, frequently questioning where I was/reminded only, and vaguely by some of the familiar faces I’d come to know and love/ some of the familiar voices that stir/ nothing else before my eyes and ears suggested or could convince that I was in Port of Spain, or that this was a non-professional rendering. #‎blownawaybyLesMis‬@QueensHall Bravo Tutti!”

— Nigel Pierre

“The production of Les Misérables was outstanding and should be on the international stage. The singing, musicians, stage set, lighting, costumes were all fabulous. Special mention to the string players….your music moved me!!”

— Janice de Lima

“The Marionettes Chorale, please take a bow from this senior citizen who lead — I think- the standing ovation tonight, Friday. As far as I am concerned, Trinidad needed your production tonight. Yes this comment is biased, but please extend, first, to the violinists, a special “BRAVO” for me. I loved them to distraction!…Congratulations to every single person who made this show happen. Well done !!”

JoyJoy Thomas

“Marionettes- all I have to say is WOW. Too many to call out, so in summary- the men totally blew me away. Great singing AND acting by everyone. Marlon brought tears to my eyes. Loved Javert’s song in the 1st half… The strings were beautiful. And props to the pianists who played straight through. Everything/everyone moved so smoothly on and off stage. Congrats to everyone.”

— Johanna Lohmeyer

“Went to the show last night. It was absolutely wonderful. Gretta Francis-Taylor, your black dress was stunning and you continue to be elegantly beautiful. Congratulations, this was a World class production. I was particularly thrilled to see a live Orchestra since my Dad played the violin in many of the Light Operatic Society’s shows. Please continue putting on this type of show. Regards and best wishes.”

— Nicola Kerr-Gomez

“If you are one of the unfortunates to have missed The Marionettes production of Les Misérables, you missed seeing T&T at its best. Kudos to Caroline…Cameron Mackintosh has nothing on her. The casting was excellent. The choruses outstanding. Valjean was superb as were as were all the other leads. But the litmus test for me for any Les Miz production is always Javert. Marvin Smith won me over. He could have given Russell Crowe lessons for the film version. I waited expectantly for my favourite, Eponine’s “On My Own”. Aurora brought tears. I kept thinking of how inspiring it must be for the young ones of Marionettes to be involved in something of such power and beauty. They are very fortunate. Too bad all we have is the memory. As we got ready to leave the hall, the lady in front of us turned and said, ‘I can’t believe that now this goes into a black hole, never to be seen again.’ I don’t know how many ways I could say congratulations to you and your entire team. On behalf of Trinidad and Tobago, I thank you for mirroring to us what a great people we are.”

— Jeanette Williams

“Today in T&T we are mired in a sense of helplessness and feeling that we can’t seem to do anything right. Les Misérables shows just what we can achieve when we aim for the stars and work towards our goal. We can be OUTSTANDING! Bravo, and I sincerely hope that there can be a second run… Such mixed feelings after the show. The thrill of having just sat through the most memorable production ever in Trinidad, was offset by the unhappiness that with copyright issues preventing any recording (audio or video) and the uncertainty that there may not be a second run, I had just witnessed the end of something beautiful. I kept thinking of a beautifully crafted tadjah sinking beneath the waves at Cocorite.”

“I had a long chat with someone about the different ways that drama can have an influence on a society, and in the case of Trinidad, I told him that there is more likelihood that it would have an indirect effect. That rather than rally people and get them to change the ills around us, something like Les Mis lifts our self-esteem and shows us what we are capable of.”

Glenn Wilkes

“What an enormous privilege it was to be a part of the audience, moved to tears several times by the most exquisite singing and acting! I write for the four of us who went together last Friday in expressing sincerest gratitude to both of you and the Marionettes, for touching our souls so deeply, for restoring our faith in Trinis and Trinidad, and for allowing us to see such a bright light when we are surrounded by so much darkness. Thanks again for a beautiful and unforgettable experience and a truly professional and impressive performance.”

Annette Mailins-Smith

“Awesome production. Excellent work. Probably the best I’ve seen anywhere in the world.”

Roger Marshall

“Suffering from Les Mis withdrawal symptoms. You guys were awesome!”

Donna Tull

“IT WAS BRILLIANT!!! Stands up to West End production!!!”

Robert Solomon

“A mighty undertaking and majestically accomplished! The singing was glorious as expected and the stage design was perfect. Can’t help but think that Jane and Darren will need digital understudies before the run is out. Congratulations to all — fabulous!”

Claire de Verteuil

“The remarks from every person I met who attended can be put in one word “WOW”!”

Ellis Holder

“Your LES MIS was……just wonderful! We knew all of you would do it well – but this was superb!! The sets; the costumes; the music ….Orch and Singers ….the lighting and special effects …..and the ACTING!  Our emotions were constantly being moved …..at one point I had goose flesh for about ten mintues straight!”

Elizabeth Sheppard

Les Misérables was fantastic, definitely the best musical/theatrical performance I’ve seen in a long time!!! great job!!!”

— Ria Ali

Thanks for a fantastic show, I thought the set truly evocative of the time and the costuming and orchestra truly brilliant. Hats of to the chorale, you got my standing ovation.”

Leslie Seegobin

“Thanks to all of you for a truly wonderful and memorable experience. It was a pleasure. Very well done Marionettes!”

Giselle Blanc

“An outstanding achievement!”

Geoffrey Frankson

“I know a lot of work was put into this production and it paid off. The set was absolutely amazing and the set changes were very smooth. Everytime the choir came together, it was breathtaking and all the soloists were very convincing in their roles. Great performance!”

Shani Rocke

“Superb performance for Les Miz! ENCORE!!!”

— Caroline Yhap

“The show was spectacular!!! My family and I enjoyed every moment. My sister said it was the best Marionettes show she ever experienced! Get your tickets people!!!”

— Nicole Hunt

“I had the extreme pleasure of seeing the show tonight after months of very hard work. Well done team! As always, I was so very proud of you all. The long hours of practice were worth it. You were all fabulous! I congratulate The Marionettes Chorale from the bottom of my heart. Job well done.”

Clare Hackshaw

“Just went to the premier show of Les Mis performed by The Marionettes Chorale…WOW!!! Blew away my shoes and socks…lovely show guys…”

— Anton Berryman

“What a treat! Tonight’s production received a standing ovation and I am sure all the other nights will be the same. The characters were so compelling and the talent of the choir! Wow!”

“I went to the premiere of Les Mis last night. I cried more this time than at their first run of the show! Javert was awesome and Cosette, Eponine and Fantine were soul stirring! Somehow I understood more of the story behind the musical this time around. My God! What a performance!”

— Sherry Akal

As long as there are chains, there is freedom.
As long as there is cowardice, there is courage.
As long as there are wounds, there is healing.
As long as there is hate, there is love.
And as long as there are all these, Les Misérables will remain a story relevant to the human experience.

To love another person is to see the face of God.
Tomorrow comes.

(So very well done, Aurora Tardieu, Danielle Williams & the Marionette’s Chorale.)”

Christine Hannays

“This was a great musical.”

— Jacinta Carlos

“It was truly a wonderful and fulfilling experience… moved to tears many times…..”

— Tony Mohammed

“I am still in awe about last night’s show. Exceptional work.”

Alviann Thompson

“What a top notch show!! Bravo bravo…”

— Candice Callendar-Lewis

“Fantastic! Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Thank You Marionettes! It was a gift like no other! Well done!”

— Debbie E. Hinkson

“It was a wonderful experience.”

Vernice Nadine Cherrie-Ann Phillip

“Twas a glorious production.”

Mallini Armour

“Excellent performance.”

Angela Roberts

“Omg..i saw this play this evening…it was awesome….whoever missed it shouldnt next time around….Kaahif Dennis u were fantastic!”

Christopher Wong

“It was absolutely fantastic for the second time. Fell in love with Marvin Smith’s voice all over again.”

Nicola Gomez

“Amazing performance!”

Radica Mohammed

“Wonderful cast. So extremely proud of my cousin, Nigel Floyd!”

Geralyn Wright

“I was so mad that I missed the run last year, so when I heard the show was coming back I couldn’t miss the opportunity. Even though it was in the midst of my exams it was 100% worth it! I loved it so much!”

Jóash Mohammed

“Great show, great service = great experience!”

Casandra La Fleur

“Mind blowing and spectacular spectacular! It was amazingggggg.”

Shivana Maraj

“Awesome. ..I took my 11 year old gran daughter. ..she was captivated from start to finish…Epic.”

Wendy Phillip Sorzano

“Amazing performance! Well done.”

Trishell Simon

“On behalf of my family and I, thank you for another outstanding performance.”

Dominique Elizabeth Ann Reid-Sookoo

“Thank you it was great.”

Stephanie Elias

“A wonderful performance. Like all the others.”

Marilyn Ames

“It was such an amazing experience tonight. I thoroughly enjoyed the production. Such a talented group of individuals. Worth every minute. Les Misérables was truly epic!”

Sherry S. Bridgelal

“Omg. I was so happy I did not miss out. It was fantabulous !!! Imagine it made my husband cry. Lol!”

Vitra Imambaksh

“Thank you cast and crew for a superb flawless production, my family and I totally enjoyed Les Mis, Blessings.”

Ruth Dubar-Paul

“Attended last year. Was fantastic.”

Gladys Leu

“It was wonderful especially for someone experiencing the production for the first time.”

Arvolon Wilson-Smith

“Wonderful performance.”

Francine Childs Soltani

“Congrats to the cast of Les Misérables on a fantastic opening night.”

Karian Forde

“Fabulous! Fabulous!”

— Indra Birbal

“Amazing show — showcasing such talent.”

— Eileen Codgell

“It was an incredible show! Thank you for such a beautiful production!!”

Makeda McKenzie

“Absolutely wonderful. Thank you all.”

— Marilyn Ames

“Amazing show!”

— Ornella Schneider

“Congratulations on a job well done ,keep up the good work,and may God richly bless and keep you all, always.”

— Dexter Kurt Alexander

“What a show! Great production,great voices!”

— Moonyean Patience

“The production quality and value of this was brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks.”

— Nicholas Rampersad

“It is so sad to see that this is the end of such a fabulous production!”

Pat Garib Mauricette

“Fantastic performances! World class standard!”

Roxanne Pacheco-Velasco

“Went last night and oh my was it fantastic! Would go back again if I could!”

Karen Arneaud

“Out of this world… The performance tonight. Bravo!!!!!”

— Helen Denise Joseph

“The set, the costuming, the commitment to character by all the marionettes. Just amazing. Five stars.”

Karie Ann De Gannes

“Absolutely fabulous show!!! Congratulations on a job superbly done!”

Frances Gonsalves

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