Les Mis

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you to those who supported our Marionettes 50th anniversary (July 2014) and May 2015 repeat runs of Les Misérables — especially those who came several times! Sold out shows, eight straight standing ovations over two runs… We couldn’t have asked for more!

What’s next? Another musical, another opera? Another repeat…?! Stay tuned! Keep in touch via our Facebook page, and sign up for our e-newsletter for all the latest.

Our very special thanks go out to all our outstanding cast & crew, inspiring patrons, and to those who supported our two runs of Les Mis: bpTT — our title sponsor since 1972; our media sponsor Flow Trinidad & Tobago, the Ministry of the Arts & Multiculturalism, First Citizens, the National Lotteries Control Board (NLCB), and the Caribbean New Media Group (CNMG).

We are so tremendously grateful for this phenomenal support. Thank-you once again, and see you soon!


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No recordings, broadcasts, or DVDs!

Due to the terms of the licensing agreement, no recordings or re-broadcasts are allowed, so the only opportunity to see Les Mis will be in the theatre.

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