Carmen Reviews

Read some of the effusive reviews from the Trinidad & Tobago press and Carmen patrons!

Reviews from the press

“The Marionettes Chorale’s presentation of Carmen, the opera, is a musical extravaganza of gaiety and intrigue that catapults into an expected but terribly dramatic climax. Additionally, it is also one of the best theatre productions so far this year [that] saw masterful performances from every one of its 100-plus cast members… It is always cause for applause when the lead actors of a production deliver flawless performances. In Carmen, the entire cast delivers flawless performances, from the adorable and vibrant members of the youth chorale to the male cast member wiping his mouth on the gypsy woman’s skirt as Don Jose attempts to fight his commanding officer…

“Every detail of the setting is realistic and does not feel staged in any way. They didn’t miss a beat or a detail in this timeless production. Alcantara’s portrayal of Carmen was definitely the show-stealer, filled with hip sways, eye-rolling and comedic facial expressions. More than that, though, like De Bique, Smith, and Feryal Qudorah, who played lovestruck youth Micaela, it was also natural and believable… Like the onstage cast, the orchestra set the mood remarkably, during and in between scenes. The music itself is very familiar and finding yourself asking “where do I know that song?” is a definite possibility. The tale itself is easy to relate to as love triangles and complicated love surround us and so Carmen may feel very familiar to our lives.”

– Kalifa Clyne, “Carmen one of the best”
July 13th, 2011, the Trinidad & Tobago Guardian

“We thank the Marionettes – and whoever arranged for these musicians to come to Trinidad to play for Carmen. 

So, yet again we thank Marionettes, the soloists and the orchestra for a truly wonderful evening of music, song and (the flamenco in Act II, which we’d almost forgotten to mention) of dance. Oh, and was there a standing ovation at the end of the performance? Of course there was, and very well deserved, too.”

Anne Hilton, “‘Carmen with the Marionettes”
July 12th, 2011, the Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

“The set design was truly beautiful and effective. Carmen by the Marionettes is worth seeing… entertaining and well done.”

Wayne Bowman, “Carmen casts a spell over patrons”
July 16th, 2011, the
Trinidad & Tobago Express

“The joyous response of the packed out auditorium to the telling of the story in the operatic form must indicate that the production was very good. The staging and acting, the voices, the costumes and sets were excellent…but what Gretta [and Caroline] Taylor managed to do was to get the audience to engage in a very visceral way with a text written in the 1870s. [They were] able to bring out the elements of comic relief that every great tragedy contains in a way that a Trini audience would appreciate. Carmen is one of the most popular operas because the music is delightful, but also the theme is timeless and universal. That its performance could excite an audience in 21st century Trinidad, as it was intended to the 19th century’s, is a commendation to the composer, Georges Bizet, and to the directors. Bravo!”

Marina Salandy Brown, “A Night at the Opera”
July 21st, 2011, the
Trinidad & Tobago Newsday

“The excitement and thrill of Bizet’s Carmen recently presented by Gretta Taylor and the Marionettes Chorale is still alive in the hearts of all who were present at any of the performances… This production was extremely well done. There were two casts with some of the lead singers of our land for the different weekends… Everything lent support to heighten the effectiveness of this drama, the music, the singing, the setting. The opening scene was full of movement, excitement and colour, the dancers, soldiers, children, not to mention the two or three nuns taking in the scene in the marketplace. We congratulate Gretta Taylor and the Marionettes for a production of this kind… You must have a tremendous sense of achievement.”

– Jean Devenish-Huggins, “Bizet’s Carmen well done…Congratulations to Gretta Taylor and the Marionettes”
July 31st, 2011, the Trinidad & Tobago Catholic News


Feedback from patrons

These wonderful patrons took the time to post on our Carmen Facebook event and our Facebook page. Here’s some of what they said:

“We are lovin’ The Marionettes Chorale in dis Carmen, man. It have vibes fuh days! Great job guys! If you haven’t caught it yet then seriously, DO IT!” – Lizzard Blizzard Entertainment

“The show was great! Congrats to Marlon and Patrice and all the cast! Really enjoyed it!” – Allan Wooding

“Spectacular performance…can hardly wait till the next production.” – Paige Hassell

“Wonderful production… tonight was amazing! Hats off to all performers! Congrats Lesley (Carmen) Nigel (Don Jose) Natalia (Micaela) Ayrice (Frasquita) Llettesha Sylvester Arnold (Escamillo) and Can Alcantara (Carmen) – although I didn’t see your performance I heard it was great! The Marionettes Chorale: great work!” – Rache N. Col

“Tonight was fantastic! Hats off to Marlon De Bique, and Candice Alcantara. Ms Taylor, keep on doing what you do with the Marionettes Chorale.” – Diedrian Reece

“Excellent performance! Caught the show on Saturday… Bravo! Can’t wait to see the next performance.” – Roderick Browne

“Spectacular performance. Keep on shining folks.” – Rudy Goodridge

“Great job, can’t wait for the Christmas production!” – Amrita Samaroo

“Great show…congratulations to all. Can’t wait to see what you have planned for Christmas!” – Liseli Sampson

“It was a wonderful experience viewing the Marionettes at one of its finest moments! Great work guys!” – Kj Reid

“Great show! We thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Maria Woods

“Just caught the last show tonight….it was exhilarating! Great job!” – Suzanne Thomas

“Wonderful show…as always the best…” – Timothy Bhola-Singh

“I really enjoyed Carmen last night! Thank you very much for your hard work and commitment! God bless!” – Tahirah A. Osborne

“The Marionettes Chorale music performence CARMEN (Bizet) was excellent tonight. I love you and see you at Christmas.” – Solomon Madzart Pena

“I attended the show last night and it was exceptionally splendid. I honestly feel I still have money for you guys. The cast was superb, be proud guys because I was totally amazed of the talent you have. The people back stage, the décor, the instrumentalists… Thank you, it was well executed. The stars Carmen, Don Jose, Micaela and Escamillo – excellent vocals. I was stunned at how much singing Carmen and Don Jose did. And, oh my, Micaela – I could not keep up with your pitch (excellent) and Escamillo was fabulous. Congrats to Ms. Taylor, who stood and conducted for three hours…. Well done to all cast and crew members. A must see show!” – Elizabeth Valentine

‎”Oh what a wonderful night at the Opera… Thank you Marionettes…thank you Gretta Taylor… Carmen just blew me away last night…congrats to the Chorale…Randal Halfhide, Margaret Sheppard, Celia Wells, everything worked so wonderfully together…Franklin Agarrat, the sound was crystal clear…the orchestra was supreme…again, thank you to The Marionettes Chorale, for this unforgettable night at Queen’s Hall.” – John Christopher

“The show was fantastic last night. JOB WELL DONE!!!” – Renalta Lowe

“Congrats to Gretta Taylor and the Marionettes on the staging of Carmen. A fantastic, enjoyable and professional performance. The orchestra was great and the stage setting realistic – everything was well done. BRAVO!” – Allima Harpas

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