5 reasons you should see Bizet’s CARMEN
by on June 29, 2011 in News

It’s a beautiful thing when people believe in what they’re doing. This morning we found one of our Marionettes Carmen-evangelists posting this wonderful note on Facebook! It came from Youth Chorale member and section leader Jayson Paul, as outlining the reasons that Carmen is an event not to be missed:

Youth Chorale member & section leader, Jayson Paul

1. The music is incredible – its the Marionettes and one should expect nothing less! The Marionettes has always performed high-quality music so at the very least, leaving your house on a given day to come to a Marionettes concert you know you’re going to see something of the highest quality.

2. Don’t deny it; you have nothing better to do. Haha! Alright fine, given you may have something more pressing on one particular day, but the fact is we cater for you too! You can take your pick of two weekends full of shows Sat 9th and Sun 10th and then Fri 15th, Sat 16th and Sun 17th. You just can’t go wrong!

3. Carmen is an absolutely amazing, iconic production. I really can’t blame you if you never heard of Carmen before. To be honest, a lot of us hadn’t until we were set to do it this year, but I can say with almost 100% certainty that you have HEARDCarmen before. Its music is used for commercials, special performances, advertisements, ringtones – it’s everywhere. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself. It’s not what you might expect when you think “opera” – Carmen is not people standing about going “la-dee-da”, it’s an experience and an epic story of love, betrayal and freedom that one should not miss! (We’re performing it in English as well)

4. I’m advertising this. Lol. I do not put things out there unless I truly believe that they are worthwhile and of quality – if you miss this show you’re missing out big-time so I’m making sure to do my duty and inform everyone I know about this. You may not be a Queen’s Hall regular, that’s fine, it makes for a great change-of-pacer. You may belong to another singing group or choir, that’s fine, its all one love, a love of music and performance. You may not think you can afford it ($200 open seating $250 reserved) – beg your family, BORROW if you must! Dead serious, this is something you shouldn’t miss.

5. Music makes the world go round! It’s an important point, there’s a lot of music out there and with an open mind and awareness we can be exposed to new and interesting forms of music without evoking a gag reflex… lol. I sing with the Marionettes because I like singing – but there’s more. I like giving, giving of my time and energy to produce something people can enjoy. My hours of practice, and I’m sure this applies to everyone else in the group, is given up freely and in joy for our friends and family, for the homes and orphanages we perform for, and certainly to Joe and the rest of the Public family. It’s great to share music and I hope I can share it with all of you!

That’s it! The whole enchilada. If you are interested in this great musical masterpiece of a show, contact any member of the Marionettes Chorale (email@marionetteschorale.com / 791-1751) – you’ll see us on the streets; we’re the ones smiling thinking about how great these shows are going to be! 🙂  Or contact the Queen’s Hall box office (624-1284).

And please pass this on to someone else you think, possibly, might be interested! Think of it as a gift you’re giving, the opportunity to have a good time with great music! Thanks for taking the time to read this!



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