For the Marionettes, charity begins — but does not end — at home with ‘Sing Alleluia’

The saying goes that charity begins at home — but the Marionettes believe that, especially during challenging times like these, it must not end there. In July, during their Hearts Beat Together series, we raised funds for the restoration of All Saints and Holy Rosary churches in Port of Spain; the unfinished church of the Uganda Martyrs in Longdenville (through the Church of St Philip and St James in Chaguanas); and outreach works in the parish of La Romaine.

The Marionettes give a fundraising performance of "Hearts Beat Together" at and for the Holy Rosary Church

The Marionettes give a fundraising performance of “Hearts Beat Together” at and for the Holy Rosary Church

This Christmas season, part proceeds of our anticipated Christmas concert, Sing Alleluia (December 8-11 at Queen’s Hall) will go to the Living Water Community. Their far-reaching programmes range from housing and clothing to food and medical care, and serve the homeless, cancer patients, refugees, HIV/AIDS sufferers, at-risk young men, recovering addicts, and neglected and abused children.

But this isn’t the only charity work that Sing Alleluia allows the choir to engage in. As we do every year, we will be hosting a special matinée performance over the weekend, in partnership with title sponsor bpTT. “The highlight of the Marionettes Christmas concert series for me each year is the opportunity presented to my family to join in working with my fellow employees and other volunteers in hosting the special matinée performance for senior citizens and challenged children from caretaker institutions across the country,” said Regional President of bpTT Norman Christie. The series is also supported by Flow and CNMG: the Caribbean New Media Group (Sweet 100.1FM, TalkCity 91.1FM, and CTV).

The Marionettes is also raising funds for our Property Fund so as to finally, after over 50 years, build a home of our own for rehearsal, performance, and storage (sheet music, archival material, instruments, sets, and costumes). It is a space we can also share with the wider national community, as secure and well-equipped rehearsal space is sparse across the country. Since 2001, we have been working hard to achieve this dream through multiple fundraising efforts. With a plot of land and approvals from all requisite authorities, all they need now is the funding.

Aerial plans of the Marionettes Property in Port of Spain

Aerial plans of the Marionettes property in Port of Spain

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Season’s greetings, gift ideas, and Sing Alleluia on the airwaves

NOEL Christmas with the Marionettes 2015 Curtain Call 2

Season’s greetings! We hope this finds you and yours blessed and happy as Christmas approaches and this challenging year comes to a close. Here is our final post for 2016, with our heartfelt greetings to you; news of opportunities to relive or discover Sing Alleluia…plus some last-minute gift ideas. Sing Alleluia on the airwaves We’ve [...]

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Sing Alleluia: a message from Gretta Taylor

Gretta Taylor conducts the choir at one of their popular Christmas concerts

Five months ago, for our mid-year series Hearts Beat Together, we were singing in churches in Port of Spain, La Romain, and Chaguanas, helping to raise much-needed funds for restoration, construction, and outreach work. During difficult times like these, we’ve always believed that we need to help each other more than ever. For Sing Alleluia, [...]

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Sing Alleluia aims to bring joy and upliftment at the end of a challenging 2016

Artistic and Musical Director Gretta Taylor and Assistant Musical Director Dr Roger Henry

It’s been a difficult time for many this year. More than ever, as the Christmas season approaches, the Marionettes aims to bring as much joy, hope, and upliftment as they possibly can the best way they know how — through music and community. As such, the group’s three choirs — adult, youth, and children — return [...]

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Sing Alleluia opens next week at Queen’s Hall

From left to right: prolific arranger and educator Desmond Waithe; Artistic & Musical Director Gretta Taylor; and Assistant Musical Director Dr Roger Henry take the curtain call at a Marionettes Christmas concert

It’s that time of year again and BP Marionettes is fully into rehearsals and preparation for their annual Christmas concert series. As it continues its revered tradition of holiday performances, the Chorale will bring together a slew of singers, dancers and instrumentalists to present Sing Alleluia from December 8 to 11 at Queen’s Hall. This [...]

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This December 8-11, we “Sing Alleluia” for Christmas 2016


Can you believe it’s that time of year again? After 53 years, the “Christmas with the Marionettes” tradition continues as our three choirs return to Queen’s Hall this Thursday 8th–Sunday 11th December with Sing Alleluia! Proceeds from the series go to the far-reaching work of the Living Water Community, and to the Marionettes Property Fund, [...]

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A message from Gretta Taylor on Hearts Beat Together

Photo courtesy Judith Guillaume

The Marionettes’ mid-year production usually takes place at Queen’s Hall. But it’s always a pleasure to partner with different communities to make music and raise much-needed funds for our respective projects. So this year we are singing in support of restoration and building work at the churches of All Saints and Holy Rosary in Port [...]

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